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Threat Management

threat managementThreat management is the key component to guiding the course of action after a threat has been made.

Huffmaster delivers a strategic response for every situation requiring attention.

Although our solutions for threat management vary, one factor is always consistent: Protection of the work facility and its employees protection.



“We work hard and long to give the client the solutions we know they need.”


Threat management includes:

  • Determining if a threat has truly been made
  • Evidence gathering
  • Interviewing witnesses/suspects
  • Background investigations
  • Assessing and categorizing the risk to deem appropriate action

Threat management can be offered at different stages of need. Take a look at the Risk Categorization chart to the right. If Huffmaster is contacted during a Category 4 situation, our process is to prevent any higher categorization of threat. We do this by visiting policies and procedures and implementing training that will help the client recognize indicators and triggers of violence and stop situations of violence before they escalate.

A Category 1 or 2 situation calls for a completely different mode of action. Once a threat has been clearly defined, Huffmaster meets with management to make decisions about continuing operations, providing protective security, ensuring worker safety, possibly intervening with the potential assailant and coordinating with law enforcement.

This guidance is provided using fact and business-based thought leadership to determine the appropriate response.

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