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Protecting Your Staff During Difficult Employment Terminations

Employee termination tends to be a topic that many business owners and executives prefer not to touch on. Letting an employee go can – if not handled appropriately – cause a hostile, potentially dangerous situation. But, it still…Continue Reading

Tips to Identifying Workplace Violence Warning Signs

It can be very difficult to discern when someone is going to be violent in the workplace. Identifying a single, isolated warning sign of possible violence should never be considered sufficient. Because not every person will show the…Continue Reading

Podcast with Michigan Business Network

Last week, Huffmaster’s Senior Director of Consulting Services, Michael C. Saad, CPP, attended the Michigan Society of Human Resource Management (MISHRM) annual conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While Mike was there, he was interviewed by Chris Holman of…Continue Reading

Handling Potential Workplace Violence Threats

Picture your assistant rushing frantically to your office to notify you that a disgruntled employee has just threatened to assault another staff member. What would your next steps be? How would you diffuse the situation to ensure that…Continue Reading

Tips for Workplace Violence Prevention

Many people go into work thinking about their latest projects, upcoming deadlines or new ventures. While all of these things are important, they fail to address another important issue that many employees face: workplace violence.  In 2011 alone,…Continue Reading

Huffmaster attends 2013 MISHRM Conference

Last week Huffmaster attended the 25th Annual Michigan Society of Human Resource Management (MISHRM) Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Huffmaster invited attendees to stop by and learn about the potential risks of workplace violence and how being properly…Continue Reading

Active Shooter Training with Huffmaster

At Huffmaster, we are committed to safety. With this comes educating businesses on how to properly protect their locations from the potential risk of an active shooter. Though active shooter situations are often unpredictable, our team can aid…Continue Reading

Implementing a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Americans work an average of 1,695 hours of per year, according to Forbes. That is 1,695 hours away from the comfort of our home, in an environment that staffers may feel they have little control over and with…Continue Reading

Protecting Staff with Office Security

Office managers may think that office security is not necessary. Because they don’t handle the constant traffic of customers and outsiders, they believe that the location is safeguarded from threat. Additionally, when companies are experiencing financial difficulties, office…Continue Reading

Preventing Workplace Shootings

There is no doubt that workplace shootings and violence in general is getting a lot of attention right now. Over the last few years, workplace violence has increasingly become a problem. It is often easy for business owners…Continue Reading

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