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Preventing Workplace Shootings

Huffmaster Preventing Workplace ShootingsThere is no doubt that workplace shootings and violence in general is getting a lot of attention right now. Over the last few years, workplace violence has increasingly become a problem. It is often easy for business owners and managers to disregard the potential risk of a workplace shooting. Some managers believe they truly know their staff enough that workplace violence is not a risk. Others believe that the current security systems in place can avoid any risk of workplace shootings. However, these presumptions can be very serious and deadly.

At Huffmaster, we have a team of experienced security personnel that understand the risk associated with potential workplace violence. With more than 50 years of experience, we are committed to constructing a security plan that can protect your location from workplace shootings.

Though workplace violence, including workplace shootings, can sometimes is random acts, many times, there are warning signs. Our team is trained to take a proactive approach to eliminate risks before they become problematic. We work directly with each client to understand the typical behaviors and routines at that location. This allows us to gain a full understanding of what to expect and pinpoint unusual behaviors. Because our team is committed to the long-term security of your location, there is no worry about high turnover rates and retraining of security personnel.

Our workplace violence services go beyond basic security. Within our services, we can include threat assessment, plan development and training to help you and your team recognize warning signs and appropriate reactions to dangerous situations. Additionally, Huffmaster will provide response services when necessary including termination support, threat response and violence response.

Huffmaster can work with you and your team to implement a security plan to prevent workplace violence, including workplace shootings. We will answer any questions you may have and construct a security package to truly protect your location. Contact us today for more information.

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Mike Saad, CPP

Senior Director Consulting Services at Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC
Michael Saad is Senior Director of Consulting Services, Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC. He is responsible for the security consulting line of business for the company. In that capacity he manages security program evaluation, corporate policy and procedure development, federal security compliance initiatives, corporate investigations, security threat and vulnerability analysis, and business risk management.
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