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Policy and Procedure

While the advantages of Huffmaster’s Workplace Violence prevention strategies stem from armed guards and executive security, to at-work safety seminars and training sessions, the first line of defense starts with a keyboard.

That’s right, a keyboard.

Huffmaster is an industry leader in the creation and implementation of the policies and procedures that help keep employees safe. In fact, companies with the proper policies, procedures and training can often prevent an incident from occurring.

Our services include:

  • Policy review, updating and/or authoring
  • Procedure development and alignment
  • Communication and training

Although Huffmaster develops custom solutions that cater to unique workplace violence needs, every policy and procedure will:

  • Create a process for addressing violence (including managing and reporting)
  • Help management to accurately categorize risks
  • Explain roles and responsibilities of managers and supervisors as well as employees
  • Ensure policies are aligned with consequences of behavior (helping to avoid or defend in Workplace Discrimination accusations)
  • Be clear and enforceable
  • Detail the company’s stance on workplace violence, workplace harassment, etc.
  • Help expose early signs of workplace violence
  • Assist in managing situations before they escalate

Our work doesn’t end there.

Once any immediate threat has been contained and prevention processes and procedures are established, Huffmaster consultants can implement training through various platforms including workforce awareness training.

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