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Implementing a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

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Americans work an average of 1,695 hours of per year, according to Forbes. That is 1,695 hours away from the comfort of our home, in an environment that staffers may feel they have little control over and with a potential of workplace violence. Ouar work environment is a place where employees need to feel safe, and it has become increasingly important for business owners, HR professionals and managers to implement proper workplace violence prevention plans to ensure at-work safety.

Though high-profile workplace shootings and incidences of workplace violence make it into the media, there are alarming rates of violence that never make it into the public’s view. This often makes it difficult for employers to truly understand the importance of a workplace violence prevention plan. However, when taking a closer look at potential at-work safety risks, business owners should seriously consider implementing a plan to protect their staff, clients and customers. It is also important to note that many locations that have become victims of workplace violence never suspected that they were at risk for such incidents. This can often be attributed to either denial or their lack of knowledge of potential risks and shortcomings in their plans.

In 2011, 780 fatal work injuries occurred as a result of “violence and other injuries” according to the 2011 Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries. This alarming number includes 458 homicides and 242 suicides. These unfortunate situations occurred in a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, schools, hospitals, factories and commercial offices.

Workplace violence typically has warning signs, and workplace violence prevention plans are created with those potential warning signs in mind. There are steps that can be taken to better understand your staff, their behavior, at-work safety risks and the potential signs of workplace violence.

Workplace violence can come in many forms including threats, verbal abuse, physical assaults, intimidation, bullying, domestic violence or homicide. Implementing a workplace violence prevention plan with Huffmaster will analyze the existing and potential hazards for at-work safety. With the information from an analysis, employers can properly safeguard their workplace. Our experience and knowledge in this highly sensitive topic can provide you with the expertise needed to properly plan for the potential of workplace violence.

For more information on our workplace violence prevention plans, contact us today.

Michael C. Saad, CPP, Senior Director Consulting Services, recently presented information about active shooters at Walsh College to 150 business professionals. The presentation included information regarding workplace violence, workplace violence prevention and previous incidents of active shootings. If you would like to learn more, a copy of Saad’s presentation is available for download by clicking here.

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Mike Saad, CPP

Senior Director Consulting Services at Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC
Michael Saad is Senior Director of Consulting Services, Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC. He is responsible for the security consulting line of business for the company. In that capacity he manages security program evaluation, corporate policy and procedure development, federal security compliance initiatives, corporate investigations, security threat and vulnerability analysis, and business risk management.
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