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Active Shooter Training with Huffmaster

At Huffmaster, we are committed to safety. With this comes educating businesses on how to properly protect their locations from the potential risk of an active shooter. Though active shooter situations are often unpredictable, our team can aid in equipping your team with the appropriate knowledge to handling these situations with active shooter training.

Though many business owners may believe that active shooter training is unnecessary at their location, it is important to note that previous places that fell victim to an active shooter incidents often believed there was little-to-no likelihood that something like this could occur at their place of business.  Active shooter training includes an evacuation plan, understanding potential hiding places within your place of business and appropriate defensive action techniques.

Some companies may have workplace violence procedures in place, but active shooter will take this knowledge set to the next level. There is a difference in workplace violence and active shooter incidents. Huffmaster will help your team implement proper training and knowledge in our active shooter training.

Active Shooter incidents:

  • More frequently unpredictable
  • Situation evolves quickly
  • Targets appear to be random
  • Typically ends in suicide or police intervention

Other forms of workplace violence:

  • Frequently comes with warning signs
  • Situation develops over time
  • Targets are defined
  • Violence ends with specific goal has been accomplished

Some active shooter incidence to note:

  • February 2010 – University of Alabama 3 killed, 3 wounded
  • March 2010 – Ohio State University 2 killed, 1 wounded, 1 suicide
    • April 2012 – Oikos University 7 killed, 3wounded
    • July 2012 Aurora, Co movie theater 12 killed, 38 wounded

If you would like to learn more about how Huffmaster can protect your location, please contact us today.

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Michael Saad is Senior Director of Consulting Services, Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC. He is responsible for the security consulting line of business for the company. In that capacity he manages security program evaluation, corporate policy and procedure development, federal security compliance initiatives, corporate investigations, security threat and vulnerability analysis, and business risk management.
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